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Evelyn Vasquez is a license therapist that performs endermologie at Hands On Wellness Center.


        Endermologie's primary focus is on Connective Tissue Therapy.  This type of therapy aids in the natural rehabilitation of the connective tissue (which is found throughout the body and helps determine skin firmness and keeps muscles firmly in place).  It helps smooth bumpy, uneven skin, reshape the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, reshape body after pregnancy, keeps skin firm while losing weight, and more.

Endermologie is good for therapeutic purposes: fibromyalgia (helping to reduce pain and congestion in the 18 tender points), lymphedema (deterioration of the lymphs and swelling in this area), as well as helping reduce the lymphatic drainage for women who have had a mastectomy and radiation treatment.  It is great to help with cellulite and facial fitness with the use of vibration therapy.  Endermologie optimizes performance and reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness in athletes as well as reducing the swelling, scar tissue and the recovery period for pre and post cosmetic surgery patients.

It is FDA cleared and Approved.

Evelyn is in the office Monday-Saturday, by appointment only, so make sure to call the office to make an appointment!!

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